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Volunteer Cakes 

Birthday Cakes  4 Free Montgomery County Chapter bakes, decorates, and delievers free birthday cakes for financially and socially disadvantaged children and seniors.



"They can't believe someone made something this special just for them! These cakes are like works  of art." - Katie Savercool, Family Services team at Interfaith Works


"Thank you for all you do. I know these cakes have been bringing lots of smiles to our residents and making their birthday celebrations very special!" -Teri Brenits, Community Outreach Coordinator at Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless


“I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I could never afford such a beautiful cake on my own.”    - Mom, Children in Action Center (Intefaith Works)

"The kids here were so happy.  We had about 60 kids who ate the cakes, including 6-7 birthday kids for May.  When I told one parent how we got the cakes, she commented about how there really are many thoughtful and caring young people in the area.  Thank you again. " - Bob Stowers, Senior Branch Director at Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington


"Thank you for the cake. I refused it at first because it looked like a store bought cake. Thanks so much for a real cake!" - JH, Seneca Heights Apartnments 


“Wow! A cake with my name on it! I’ve never seen one with my name before.”- Cake Recipients, Children in Action Center (Interfaith Works)



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