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2019-2020 Birthday Cakes 4 Free Executive Board

(We have not been able to take a picture of the new board due to COVID-19)

What is the Birthday Cakes 4 Free Maryland?

Birthday Cakes 4 Free Maryland (BC4F) is a nonprofit organization that bakes, decorates, and delivers free birthday cakes to financially and socially disadvantaged children and seniors. Our mission is to provide joy to our cake recipients to help them feel special and valued by their community. We hope to create special memories for underprivileged children and seniors. BC4F bakes 200+ birthday cakes a month and distributes them to 23 charities in Maryland, Virginia, and the DC metropolitan area. BC4F is run by a student Executive Board (see below). Applications for the upcoming school year typically open in May.

Read BC4F's Diversity and Inclusion Expectations.

Board of Directors:

Allison Wachen, Co-Founder, President 2015-2018, Chair of Board of Directors

Robert Wachen, Co-Founder, President 2018-2020

Sam Krakower, Current President

 Meet the 2021-2022 Officer Team & Executive Board!

Officer Team:

Sam Krakower, President, Winston Churchill HS

Rachel Krakower, Chief of Staff, Winston Churchill HS

Gracie Yoon, Senior Vice President, Winston Churchill HS

Ian Susswein, VP of Finance, Winston Churchill HS

Jessica Winson, VP of Technology, Thomas Wootton HS

Ivy McConnarty, VP of Nonprofit Outreach, Bethesda Chevy Chase HS

Amanda Azia, VP of Community Outreach, Charles E Smith Jewish Day School

Ellie Metz, VP of High School Outreach, Thomas Wootton HS 

Alexa Azia, VP of Middle School Outreach, Herbert Hoover MS


Executive Board:

Aberaham Altaye, Media Deputy, Walter Johnson HS

Alexis Chase, Community Outreach Deputy, Walt Whitman HS

Ellie Cohen, Finance Deputy, Winston Churchill HS

Grace Finnegan, Community Outreach Deputy, Richard Montgomery HS 

Jeremy Fredricks, Delivery Coordinator, Winston Churchill HS

Anjali Gallacher, Charity Outreach Deputy, Thomas Wootton HS

Alana Gordon, Media Deputy, Bullis School

Anna Jeyachandran, Community Outreach Deputy, Thomas Wootton HS 

Bridget Kelly, Delivery Coordinator, Winston Churchill HS

Jansyn Levin, Community Outreach Deputy, Winston Churchill HS 

Madison Moorhead, Finance Deputy, Thomas Wootton HS 

Samantha Oblon, Charity Outreach Deputy, Winston Churchill HS 

Nicole Rodney, Media Deputy, Bullis School

Devani Shah, Finance Deputy, Holton-Arms School

Andrew Sidway, Finance Deputy, Winston Churchill HS

Alexa Vinner, Media Deputy, Thomas Wooton HS

Sara Yesnowitz, Charity Outreach Deputy, Winston Churchill HS


School Ambassadors:

High Schools:

Bethesda Chevy Chase High School: Ivy McConnarty

Bullis School: Alana Gordon

Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School: Amanda Azia 

Winston Churchill High School: Ellie Cohen

Holton-Arms School: Devani Shah

Richard Montgomery High School: Grace Finnegan

Walter Johnson High School: Aberaham Altaye

Walt Whitman High School: Alexis Chase 

Thomas Wootton High School: Anjali Gallacher

Middle Schools:

Herbert Hoover Middle School: Alexa Azia