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Hey! We are so excited that you want to be a volunteer!

Welcome to the Birthday Cakes 4 Free Maryland (BC4F) community! Birthday Cakes 4 Free consists of many volunteers of all ages, skill levels, and places in the DC metropolitan area. Anyone can become a volunteer!


BC4F has monthly deliveries to our partner charities. Every month, BC4F will email you about the date of our delivery and how many cakes you would like to donate.

Sign up for our newsletter to learn about delivery dates and sign-up to deliver cakes.

The best way to communicate with us is by submitting the contact form.

The decoration/flavor/design of your cake(s) is up to you! BC4F would prefer if you could write “Happy Birthday!” on your cake(s). You can make a cake from a cake mix or your favorite recipe. We prefer 9" round cakes since we have containers of that size that can easily transport the cakes to the charities.


Here is more information about the easiest ways to get involved! BC4F is looking forward to hearing from you soon!

How to Get Involved: Plan a Cake-Decorating Social With Friends and Family

Additionally, BC4F encourages its volunteers to decorate their cakes together through planning a social. A social is an event in which friends and family get to spend time together, decorate their cakes, and have a great time! Each attendee of the social should bring a cake and icing (either 2 cans of store bought icing per cake or bring homemade icing).  If you have any questions about planning a social, please feel free to contact BC4F. This has proven to be a popular option for groups of friends and faith-based community service project (ex. Bar/bat mitzvah project).

How to Get Involved: Community Organization/ School/ Religious Group:

There are many ways to get involved as a community organization! BC4F is happy to plan a cake-decorating event, or social, with your organization. During a social, members of your organization/ group have the opportunity to spend time together while decorating cakes and having a good time! Each attendee of the social should bring a cake and icing (either 2 cans of store bought icing per cake or bring homemade icing). BC4F will provide cake-decorating tips and supplies. BC4F officer members would attend the social and help the attendees decorate their cakes. For more specifics on planning a social with your community organization, please complete the contact form.


Additionally, community organizations/ school’s/ religious groups can organize an individual social and drop off their cakes at a particular charity. Due to the number of cakes a community organization/school/ religious group can produce, many of these groups have their own special charity that they donate their cakes to. BC4F is happy to help your organization find a charity near you to drop off your cakes to.

How to Get Involved: BC4F School Clubs

All BC4F events will be held through the BC4F Maryland. BC4F School Clubs will help support BC4F fundraisers and events. If you would like to be involved beyond attending fundraisers, you should join the Executive Board or become a volunteer. Please email BC4F for a list of current BC4F School Clubs and information on how to join a school club.

How to Get Involved: Join Our Executive Board

Our executive board and officer team are comprised of middle and high school students from around the DC metropolitan area. Executive board applications are released during May. Please sign up for our monthly newsletters to stay in-the-loop about the application process.


“Wow! A cake with my name on it! I’ve never seen one with my name before.”

-- Cake Recipients, Children in Action Center (Interfaith Works)

Sounds good? Awesome! Please sign up for our newsletter to learn about upcoming delivery dates and for more information on how to sign up to deliver cakes.

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